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Aquamarine: March’s Birthstone

February 27, 2024

Aquamarine stone meaning

What is Aquamarine stone good for?
Aquamarine For Soothing

Aquamarine carries the soothing and cleansing powers of the sea.

Aquamarine has a gentle calming energy that reduces stress and anxiety while enhancing inner strength and confidence.

Aquamarine is also known for its anti-ageing properties and is often used in rejuvenating beauty rituals.

Aquamarine Healing Properties

  • Peace
  • Rejuvenation
  • Intuition
  • Protection
  • Abundance

Aquamarine Stone Colour

Discover the Stunning Beauty of Aquamarine, a Breathtaking Variety of Beryl.

it emerges as exquisite clear, hexagonal crystals that are a light blue-green hue.

Aquamarine Source and History

Aquamarine as crystals grows mainly in Brazil, South Africa, Madagascar and Russia.

In Ancient times, it was believed to be a stone of mermaids. Roman sailors would carry Aquamarine as a Talisman of protection against the sea and a symbol of everlasting youth.

How to use Aquamarine Stones?

Due to its strong connection to water, Aquamarine is a beautiful stone to use for cleansing.

Whether used as an essence or during meditation, aquamarine allows you to reconnect with your true self, bringing a sense of inner peace.

How to use Aquamarine Crystal at home?

You can place Aquamarine in a bedroom to create a calming and restful space. 
You can also keep a small piece under your pillow to help with insomnia.

What is the Chakra Meaning of Aquamarine ?

Aquamarine activates the throat chakra.

When placed in the level of your throat, it will help you to learn how to communicate positively, without anger or judgement.

Aquamarine: Top 5 Jewel Gift ideas

  • 1. Aquamarine Precious stone: Classic Design that will last forever with 9 karats gold and 18 karats gold - Birthdays, Anniversary, Career, Celebration, Communion, Mother's day gift

Aquamarine Classics Banner

  • 2. Evening dress code, celebration: Luxury quality AA Fine Aquamarine stones, gold filled 14 karats 

Simplicity over Elegance, because Aquamarine is a majestic precious stone with a delicate light aqua blue colour. This necklace will sublime your outfit, ideal piece of for any celebration. Days and nights, it will be your perfect best-friend to enhance your neckline with elegance!

Aquamarine Necklace Sur un fil

  • 3. Aquamarine Semi-precious stone: Lucky stone collection

Aquamarine is a traditional stone for protection, we have made a simple design of sterling silver necklace, that you can every day. Its comforting pastel blue colour will give you calm and serenity.

 Aquamarine Necklace Lucky stone Silver

  • 4. Trendy Aquamarine hoops: daily wear 

Stylish and fashionable Aquamarine hoops, they make ideal gifts for any occasion! We have created a few versions online with simple plain hoops and classic silver sparkling huggies! If you like anything more personalized, feel free to contact us.

Aquamarine Hoops Banner

  • 5. Aquamarine for Protection: Talisman

Perfect friendship necklace with a beautiful sea blue pendant.

Aquamarine Talisman 

I hope you enjoyed this article, and found some information useful in your research. If you would like to suggest us any special design, please feel free to contact us

See you soon,



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Sizing & Measuring

Sizing & Measuring

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Before getting a bracelet it’s important to know what size it should be. It's good to know what the average size is, but you can measure your own wrist easily.

You should also consider whether or not you want a comfortable or loose fit.

Women sizes: 16 to 20 cm

  • Most common: 17 cm
  • Average range: 17 – 18 cm

Men sizes: 18 to 22 cm

  • Most common: 18.5 cm
  • Average range: 18-19 cm

How to measure your wrist?

  1. Measure your wrist using a flexible measuring tape where you intend to wear the bracelet. If you don't have a measuring tape, you can use a rope and compare the measure with a ruler.
  2. Add almost 1 cm to that measurement to give it a comfortable fit, and space for the beads
  3. If you want a loose or snug fit, take/add around 1.2 cm from this figure
  4. If you have large beads, give it an extra half cm to accommodate them

Gift: Which size should I choose if I buy a gift?

Consult us if you have any doubt or question about the size!

My advise: Choose the recommended medium size depending the type of person: medium small or medium, medium large.

Post-sale service: We will provide a post-sale service to readjust the exact size directly with them once receiving the gift.

Extension chain: When choosing a bracelet or necklace made on a chain, most of them can include an extension chain which enables to adjust easily the size.

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