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The Egyptian Collection is inspired by the Stones and Colors associated to the symbols of this Ancient Civilization.

Green : health - The green colors of Ancient Egypt were Malachite, Verdigris, Chryscolla and Turquoise.  The green color symbolized Fertlity, Nature, New life, Joy, Growth and Regeneration.

Red: blood or strength - Red Jasper, Carnelian. Red was a powerful colour because of its association with blood.

Blue: rebirth - Blue as the colour of Sky, Water, Heavens. Lapis lazuli was the main sacred stone for its intense blue pigment.

Yellow: the sun or gods. In ancient Egypt yellow represented that which was eternal and indestructible, and was closely associated with gold and the sun.

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Sizing & Measuring

Sizing & Measuring

Necklace Size

Chain necklace size

Bracelet Sizing & Measuring

How to measure my wrist?

Before getting a bracelet it’s important to know what size it should be. It's good to know what the average size is, but you can measure your own wrist easily.

You should also consider whether or not you want a comfortable or loose fit.

Women sizes: 16 to 20 cm

  • Most common: 17 cm
  • Average range: 17 – 18 cm

Men sizes: 18 to 22 cm

  • Most common: 18.5 cm
  • Average range: 18-19 cm

How to measure your wrist?

  1. Measure your wrist using a flexible measuring tape where you intend to wear the bracelet. If you don't have a measuring tape, you can use a rope and compare the measure with a ruler.
  2. Add almost 1 cm to that measurement to give it a comfortable fit, and space for the beads
  3. If you want a loose or snug fit, take/add around 1.2 cm from this figure
  4. If you have large beads, give it an extra half cm to accommodate them

Gift: Which size should I choose if I buy a gift?

Consult us if you have any doubt or question about the size!

My advise: Choose the recommended medium size depending the type of person: medium small or medium, medium large.

Post-sale service: We will provide a post-sale service to readjust the exact size directly with them once receiving the gift.

Extension chain: When choosing a bracelet or necklace made on a chain, most of them can include an extension chain which enables to adjust easily the size.

Feel free to contact us for more details: