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Bracelet maintenance

Bracelet Care & Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining your bracelet and making it last as long as possible, there are a few simple rules that you should follow.

  • Avoid any chemicals
  • Put your bracelets on after having a shower
  • Preferably keep it in a box or bag to avoid scratches
  • Remove it before doing any tasks which may damage it, like:
  • Don’t wear it when bathing or in a swimming pool
  • Don’t wear it while playing sports

Some key for cleaning your bracelet: 

  • Polish it using a fine jewelry cloth
  • Avoid contact with any chemicals, alcohol, acid etc

With a beaded bracelet, you should never stretch it more than just over your hand. This can quickly ruin the bracelet and affect its fit. You should avoid wearing it for physical activities and also avoid chemicals as these can ruin the elastic and the beads.