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Bracelet maintenance

Bracelet Care & Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining your bracelet and making it last as long as possible, there are a few simple rules that you should follow.

  • Avoid any chemicals
  • Put your bracelets on after having a shower
  • Preferably keep it separately in a box or bag to avoid scratches
  • Remove it before doing any tasks which may damage it, like:
  • Don’t wear it when bathing or in a swimming pool
  • Don’t wear it while playing sports (tennis, football, boxe...)

Some key for cleaning your bracelet: 

  • Polish it using a fine jewelry cloth (you can find it on amazon)
  • Avoid contact with any chemicals, alcohol, acid etc this include when you shower, the problem is not only the water but all chemicals contained in the soap, shampoo, and any cosmetics which are very aggressive and affect the metal in long term. 

With a beaded bracelet, you should never stretch it more than just over your hand. This can quickly ruin the bracelet and affect its fit. You should avoid wearing it for physical activities and also avoid chemicals as these can ruin the elastic and the beads.

Personally, I always take off all my jewelry before having a shower, or going to the pool, and I managed to keep them in perfect conditions for years.

Please note all our jewels are guaranteed so if you have any issue you can always contact us to check if we can repair or fix it. 

We also repair any beaded bracelet or necklace! If you have any old bracelet, that you bought in holidays abroad or your favourite gift from your family broke, feel free to consult us to see if we can fix it, redesign it or help you to find the best goldsmith to fix it for you.

See you soon, 

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