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Watermelon tourmaline: why it is one of the foremost healing stone?

February 16, 2021

Watermelon tourmaline: why it is one of the foremost healing stone?

Watermelon Tourmaline is one of the foremost healing stone thanks to its spectacular combination of natural colours from green to red.

8 Things you should know about Watermelon Tourmaline 

1. Which birthstone is Watermelon Tourmaline associated with?

Watermelon tourmaline, after the Emerald, is one of the May's birthstone.

2. Which Chakra is Watermelon Tourmaline associated with?

Heart Chakra, both Upper Heart Chakra and Lower Heart Chakra

Watermelon tourmaline is an exceptional healing stone with both benefits from the Heart Chakra, as it has a large spectrum of colour from pink to green.
  • Lower Heart Chakra is represented by the pink colour. it helps to heal the emotion related to the Human Love or Universal Love: the self-love and the relation with all people around, such as compassion. 
  • Upper Heart Chakra is associated with the green colour. it is related to the Unconditional Love. This affects the romantic emotions.

Watermelon Tourmaline Bracelets Mille et Une Pierre

3. Why the Heart Chakra is vital and so important element to understand?

  1. When we talk about Heart Chakra, we first have to mention that it designates the part of our body which is located at the level of our Heart, in the Chest area. Until here, it is simple to visualize it.
  2. When we talk about Chakra, if you still have not read our previous article about The 7 Chakra, we refer to the different energy points that circulate in our body. This same energy which flows through our different major organs and have a direct impact on their functions. 
  3. This is very fundamental to understand specially how all our emotions are related to different parts of our body. Our body and our mind are definitely something that we cannot deny, and intimately connected.
  4. Heart Chakra concerns not only our Heart, but all the chest area. As a result, a lot of the physical symptoms of Heart Chakra imbalance can be connected to the lungs, ribs, and the heart.

4. What Watermelon Tourmaline is good for?

Balance - Harmony - Joy

Watermelon tourmaline is one of the foremost healing stone:

  • Known to release old emotional pain and trauma with love.
  • It is also used to treat all stress and nervous conditions.
  • It also melt any fears of committing to the healing process.

  • Watermelon Tourmaline Bracelet | Mi Cielo London

    5. What is Tourmaline made of?

    Tourmaline has a variety of colours.

    • Iron-rich Tourmalines are usually black to bluish-black to deep brown,
    • Magnesium-rich varieties of Tourmaline are brown to yellow
    • Lithium-rich tourmalines can be any colour: blue, green, red, yellow, pink, etc. Rarely, it is colourless.
    • Bi-coloured and multi-coloured crystals are common, reflecting variations of fluid chemistry during crystallization. Crystals may be green at one end and pink at the other, or green on the outside and pink inside; this type is called Watermelon Tourmaline.
    • Some forms of tourmaline are dichroic; they change colour when viewed from different directions.

    The pink colour of tourmalines from many localities is the result of prolonged natural irradiation. During their growth, these tourmaline crystals incorporated Mn2+ and were initially very pale. Due to natural gamma ray exposure from radioactive decay of 40K in their granitic environment, gradual formation of Mn3+ ions occurs, which is responsible for the deepening of the pink to red colour.

    watermelon tourmaline rock and bracelet

    6. What are the main types of Tourmaline?

    Commonly encountered species and varieties:

    • Schorl species: Brownish black to black—schorl,
    • Dravite species: from the Drave district of Carinthia
    Dark yellow to brownish black—dravite,
    • Elbaite species: named after the island of Elba, Italy
    Red or pinkish-red—rubellite variety,
    Light blue to bluish green—Brazilian indicolite variety (from indigo),
    Colorless—achroite variety (from the Greek "άχρωμος" meaning "colorless").
    For more technical information about all types of Tourmaline, you can visit this article from experts, published in The GemSociety website, to the following link:

    7. Where are the Tourmaline stones from?

    Gem and specimen tourmaline is mined chiefly in

    • Brazil
    • Africa: Tanzania, Nigeria, Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Malawi, and Namibia.
    • Asia: notably in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Indonesia as well as in Sri Lanka and India.

    8. Some type of Watermelon tourmaline are estimated one of the most expensive stone, which one is it?

    Paraiba tourmaline, the most expensive stone than Diamonds

    Paraiba tourmaline has been first discovered in Brazil during the 1980's, and then found in Nigeria and Mozambique. Its high level of copper gives its exceptional extremely fluorescent blue-green colour.

    Paraiba Tourmaline

     Tourmaline Paraiba — Wikipédia (

    Our Watermelon Tourmaline Jewel Designs by Mi Cielo London

    Watermelon Tourmaline Collection | Mi Cielo London


    I hope you enjoyed our article learning about the watermelon tourmaline, which is my favourite stone.
    You can discover more stone's meaning and properties, and visit our Gemstone's directory
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    You can also find all our designs made with Watermelon Tourmaline collection including beautiful Watermelon Tourmaline bracelets and necklaces.

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