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by Emilie Micielo January 28, 2021


What is the best Valentine's day gift for her?

You might be looking for the perfect present for her, no pressure! I prepared a nice and large selection of the Top 10 gift ideas with our best designs for a romantic gift for your special love. You will have choice among different styles and budget. Then if you still need more advises, don't hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to help!


Valentine's day gifts idea for her


  • 1. Heart Necklace & Bracelet

Our heart pendant necklace is a beautiful testimony of love. It is a timeless piece, that she can wear every day. The design is simple, meaningful and modern. You can also opt for a full set with the bracelet, or separately.


Heart necklace


  • 2. Shell necklace

The Shell necklace is probably one of the latest trendy designs. We love the beautiful details of the sea shell, and its original and elegant natural shape. It is a nice reminder of our summer holidays, it will perfectly fit with all her colourful spring and summer outfits. 


shell necklace 



  • 3. Heart & Star cordon bracelet

The Heart and Star cordon bracelet is another more simple option as gift for the Valentine's Day. Traditionally, it can be made in a great range of bright colours, this cordon bracelet is a lovely present. It is adjustable and easy to use, no need for help and can be mix and match with most of any accessorize.

Be inspired, you will then just have to decide if She is your guiding Star, or your Heart! :)


Star bracelet


  • 4. Rose quartz bracelet

Rose quartz is the traditional Love stone, symbol of Universal Love, Self Love and Confidence. She will love the sweet pink colour of a natural rose quartz, and the elegant gold disk detail.


rose quartz bracelet
  • 5. Pearl necklace

    The Pearl necklace is a classic choice and a timeless piece which can be worn for any circumstances. But we made it very simple and elegant, with a contemporary look. They are all natural fresh water pearls, different sizes and colours: Fine white pearl, Pink pearl or Medium White pearl. The necklace and bracelet are in both sterling silver and gold filled. 


    Pearl necklace


    • 6. Duo disk necklace ruby

    The Duo disk collection of bracelet and necklaces is our latest minimalist design made with Precious stones such as: Ruby, Sapphire, Turquoise, Opal, Amazonite, Amethyst. This is one of our favourite collection this year, probably our signature pieces! Some options are also compatible with sterling silver.


     Ruby duo disk necklace

    • 7. Emerald necklace

    Oh Emerald!Its vibrant and fascinating natural green colour represents Unconditional Love.Emerald are a traditional romantic gift and traditional wedding anniversary gift. I suggest the bracelet but you also have the necklace. Each of those stones are unique, you should consult me to choose the one you prefer.


    Emerald bracelet


    • 8. Watermelon tourmaline bracelet

    Watermelon tourmaline, one of our favourite stone, with its incredible natural colours, from green to red (family of ruby), it brings the best energies of the Heart Chakra: both the Universal and Unconditional love. We have a large selection of bracelets and necklace with watermelon tourmaline. This design is the latest with the fine gold disk to a great glamorous detail at the front.


    Watermelon tourmaline bracelet


    • 9. Horn crescent moon necklace

    Horn crescent moon, a feminine symbol, also one of our latest trendy design, feminine symbol from the Antique Greek civilization. The Pendant has some fine zircon stones engraved which gives captivating look.


    Moon horn necklace


    • 10. Quinghai Jade

    Quinghai jade, sacred stone from the beautiful Golden hours collection, has always been a traditional good-luck stone from the Chinese civilization, because of its fascinating green colour. The green is the colour of the Heart Chakra, representing the Unconditional love, and always has been a positive inspiring colour of good energies. 


    jade bracelet


    Emilie Micielo
    Emilie Micielo

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