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by Emilie Micielo May 12, 2020

TOP 10 gift ideas for Her

You might be looking for the perfect gift for her, but might get lost while exploring all the options. That's why I have made a selection of the Top 10 gift ideas, which are my best seller for women. You will have choice among different styles and budget.  

TOP 1: Trio necklace, Contemporary & Elegant

Our best seller, simple and elegant, the Gold Trio necklace, a perfect idea if you need a gift for her. This piece is hand crafted in our studio in London. Three shiny beads plated with gold, rose gold and rhodium add a special sparkle to the neckline. 
This necklace is available in both material: sterling silver and gold filled, it can be matched with a braceletas a set.


TOP 2: Pearl necklace, Classic & Timeless pearl

La Petite Perle, is a perfect choice for a classic look, that a women can wear in any and all occasions. The fine and natural white water pearl is very dainty and elegant. it can be matched with a bracelet as a set, or with any other item from the same Pearl collection.


TOP 3: Lapis Lazuli, The emblematic stone


Lapis Lazuli necklace is a stunning deep eternal blue, sacred stone from The Ancient Egyptian times. If you look for a very special gift, the lapis lazuli necklace has one of the most meaning full stone, who have been used in all our ancient history, including paintings. It is a perfect idea of gift for someone very special. The stone is very high quality with natural golden and sparkling pyrite inclusions.


TOP 4: Tourmaline, Gold bracelet

Watermelon tourmaline, the Oh my god stone, originally from India, this beautiful stone is made of an incredible range of rich colors including the gorgeous red of rubies stones. In the center of the piece, Garnet is added to enhance the red of the watermelon tourmaline.
Made of delicately faceted stones and hand crafted with 9 k gold, the watermelon tourmaline bracelet, unique and gorgeous, is a perfect gift for a woman. 


TOP 5: Jaguar bracelet, Protective talisman

She is a Hero, every day, smart, protective and strong. She can wear this bracelet as a protective talisman, giving her strength to tackle any challenge. Black, made of natural lava stone, the jaguar bracelet has a urban look that can be wear at any occasion. Lava stone is root chakra stone, recommend as helping to keep grounded and balanced our energies.

TOP 6: The Imperial green Jade

We all love green, this refreshing and stunning color, symbol of renewal, hope and nature. This beautiful jade bracelet is hand-crafted on a sterling silver chain, it gathers all the different shades of green jade. This stone is from Australia and is called Chrysoprase. You can match it as well with necklace from the same Jade collection.

Top 7: Stunning colors of Ruby in ziosite


Ruby in ziosite, this fantastic stone, is made of two families of gem, gathered in one single rock. It has the fabulous green color of ziosite and flamboyant red color of rubies. The fine cut of the stone enables a stunning light effect of transparency and enhance its dual colors. The ruby in ziosite bracelet is an ideal gift simple and elegant with beautiful colors, it can be matched with the ruby in ziosite necklace from the same collection.

TOP 8: Love Black


The women in Black, urban, classic or sport-wear, this necklace is made of the beautiful rock Black tourmaline. Used in radio-nuclear protection, and as an electricity conductor, black tourmaline is very special and strong protective stone. If she loves and wears black any season, the black tourmaline necklace is one of my favorite choice.

TOP 9: Emerald, royal symbol of beauty

Emerald, one of the most desirable precious stone, for its spectacular green color. From the most ancient figure, such as Cleopatra, this stone has always been a royal symbol of beauty. If you need to choose a classic and timeless piece, the emerald bracelet is definitely a good choice. You can find as well emerald necklace to match in the same collection.

TOP 10: Summer look, sea-green regalite

Green regalite, is a beautiful natural sea sediment. This stunning green regalite bracelet is a must-have summer piece for any women's wardrobe.

Duo, is one of my signature collection, symbolizing the relationship between two persons, including love, friendship, family boundaries, they cannot leave without each others.

Emilie Micielo
Emilie Micielo

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