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Jade bracelet, sterling silver

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Gorgeous natural gemstone Jade 

  • Handmade sterling silver 925 bracelet
  • High quality of natural gemstone: Jade chrysoprase
  • Unique piece, each stone has a unique shape and size
  • March birthstone

This collection, Entre terre et mer, brings us a serie of contemporary jewels, hand crafted with natural gemstones, from the sea and from the earth. 

The colours and textures reminds us the beautiful colours of the blue water, and the sands. 

In ancient China and Egypt jade was used as a talisman to attract good fortune and friendship. Worn as an amulet it is believed to protect one from evil while traveling and to promote wisdom and ensure a long life.

Unique design created and handcrafted by Mi Cielo London, Copyrights reserved 2020.