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Sea shell necklace

Sea shell necklace, natural mother-of-pearl, with a shining ivory white, a pure feminine elegance highlighted by a fine gold filled chain.

  • Natural mother-of-pearl, natural sea shell
  • Gold filled 14k
  • Mother-of-pearl: heart chakra
  • Included a nice gift box
  • Hand made and designed by Mi Cielo London 2020
  • Collection: Sea shell necklace

  • Mother-of-pearl meaning

    Mother-of-pearl, also known as nacre, is a natural organic mineral, most of them are coming from the internal crystal of sea shells like the Abalone, Oyster and fresh water mussel shells. The lustre of Mother-of-pearl is defined as pearly, that can be white ivory or a spectacular iridescent sheen caused by light interference and dispersion made by the same material as pearl.

    Mother-of-pearl was considered as a symbol of good luck and prosperity, by the ancient art of feng shui. They believe that it has the power to attract wealth to the person wearing it. 

    Necklace design

    The Mother-of-pearl necklace has a simple and elegant contemporary design. We are using noble materials associated with a beautiful traditional semi-precious stone. We reinvent conventional designs to transform it with an unusual and unexpected modern touch. The fascinating glowing shades of the mother-of-pearl has a very special glamorous impact in the neckline.