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Moonstone gold necklace

Moonstone gold necklace

  • Moonstone necklace
  • Natural gemstone: Moonstone 
  • Hand made necklace with gold filled 14k 
  • Unique piece hand made and Designed by Mi Cielo London Copyright 2020
  • Chakra stone: Third eye, Heart chakra, Sacral chakra

The stone

Moonstone is a stone of sweet mystery, self discovery, insight, intuition, imagination and dreams.

Moonstone is the stone of High priestess, the divine feminine aspect of creation. Its soft hues remind us of the moon's reflective light. 

Moonstone attunes us to the cycles of the time; it is associated with fertility, flow and progression. it is a potent aid to developing intuition and emotional understanding. it is nurturing to the soul and heals the subtle energy systems by comforting and supporting serene contemplation.

  • Moonstone aids peaceful sleep, relieves indigestion and balances the body's lymphatic system.
  • it also relieves menstrual cramps and eases female issues, especially water retention.