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Amazonite gold disks necklace

Amazonite necklace wit gold disks

This amazonite necklace is the masterpiece of this collection, delicately hand crafted with fine natural stones, celebrating feminine refinement with a modern and contemporary sense of aesthetics.

  • hand-made necklace 
  • gold filled 14k
  • natural precious stone watermelon tourmaline 
  • Hand made and designed by Mi Cielo London copyright 2020

The Collection

This collection, Myriad of stones necklace, is a delicate hand crafted serie of necklace with fine natural gemstones with 9k gold, symbolizing the concept of feminine elegance with a contemporary look.

The stone


August's birthstone - Heart Chakra

Harmony - Protection

Amazonite was used to create jewelry back in Ancient Egypt. It was discovered in bead form as well as in jewelry that was found in King Tut’s tomb. It also adorned the gold mask that he wore, among many other stunning gemstones like Carnelian, Malachite, and Lapis Lazuli.

During the pre-Columbia days of South America and in some parts of Central America, Amazonite was used by the Amazonians during the 10th century B.C. Amazonite was named after the Amazon River located in South America.
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